About Us

Trade Ally International provides a world-class online B2B platform
for international traders worldwide


Trade Ally International was founded as a result of the problems people face in conducting trade around the world. Currently, import and export has numerous hassles, several uncertainties and huge risks involved with it which force many people to shy away from it. As a result, three aspiring individuals got together to form Trade Ally International with a vision to provide a secure and seamless environment for international trading to buyers and suppliers located all over the world. We proudly and with a sense of deep responsibility claim that we are on a mission to “take the hassle out of international trade.”


Trade Ally International is a global B2B trade platform with members from over 25 countries (and growing). Our esteemed network of buyers, suppliers and trade partners gives us decades of experience in this field. Our basic goal is to provide a secure and seamless trading experience to all our clients, no matter where they are located. We are also constantly improving our platform so that our clients can get the best user experience.


We present our best compliments to Trade Ally for launching an International B2B Online Platform. We are confident that this idea will definitely serve to introduce exporters to foreign buyers.

Towel Manufacturers' Association of Pakistan

This company's B2B online platform is truly exceptional, and we are very hopeful that our export industry will get a tremendous boost because of their sincere efforts.

Lahore Township Industries Association

This company will greatly help to promote business activities and generate more employment for the increasing number of workers coming out of an increasing world population.

Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers & Exporters Association

This company is doing amazing work for the benefit of the Pakistani trade community by promoting Pakistani exporters on its platform in front of international buyers.

Aazad Law Associates